Ephs Give Them Something to Talk About

The Ephs certainly gave everyone something to talk about this week! Williams may have gone 2-1 on the week with a loss to Hamilton, but they also went 2-0 at home this weekend. First with a 3-0 win over Wesleyan, then with a 2-1 upset win over the #2 ranked Bowdoin Polar Bears.


Hamilton Game Recap Written by Freshman, #21 Marissa Feller

Williams 0 – Hamilton 3

A week has past since our exciting win over Skidmore. The day following this game, we had an intense agility and fitness practice. On the next day we had a competitive scrimmage practice. Then we were off for some well deserved and much needed few days of rest.

Much of the team participated in the school’s longstanding tradition of Mountain Day on Friday. The team made its way to the top of Stone Hill where they enjoyed donuts and cider and a glorious view of the purple valley. Because we had Friday and Saturday off from practice and it was reading period, many players took some time to catch up on work and sleep.

The team reconvened on Sunday to help out with the clinic. The team even got the chance to play along the prefrosh and get to know some of our possible future teammates!

On Monday the Ephs gathered to watch film and go over the game plan for the Hamilton game. Then we headed out to the field for a solid practice. Following practice, the team made its way to Alix’s house for dinner and class competitions. The main events of the night were the appetizer competition and a singing competition. The big winners of the night were the seniors with a stirring parody of the song “Mamma Mia” and some baked brie as their appetizer.

After a week of rest since our last game, the Ephs travelled to Hamilton College to take on the Continentals. The Continentals have been having an impressive season so far with wins against NESCAC powerhouse Middlebury College and Williams’ rivals Amherst. Unfortunately, the Ephs were not able to capitalize on their opportunities and the result was a 3-0 loss. WCFH came out a little flat in the first half and the Continentals took advantage of that. The second half began to look a little better, but the team was not able to pull everything together.

The Ephs took seventeen shots and earned seven corners. WCFH allowed eighteen shots against, but were able to hold Hamilton to just six corners.

Some highlights from the game include some amazing defensive saves by Caroline Taverna ‘19 as well as outstanding goaltending by Margaret Draper ‘17. Draper made twelve saves, many of which should be on a highlight reel somewhere.

Looking ahead, the Ephs are ready to bounce back in a big way. We are hoping to earn two NESCAC wins this weekend on a home doubleheader weekend. Saturday WCFH will take on Wesleyan and Sunday they will face off against Bowdoin.

Hamilton Game Notes: #7 Katie Gallop lead the charge against Hamilton with 4 shots, but the Ephs could not produce a goal. Hamilton outshot the Ephs 18-17. The away game resulted in a 3-0 loss for the Ephs.

Hamilton Game Highlights

Wesleyan Game Recap Written by Sophomore, #3 Julia Cochran

Williams 3 – Wesleyan 0

At this point in the season, the team has become family. Through blood, sweat, and tears we have come together for this moment. The game was a back and forth battle before captain Michael Eruzione put in the first goal. Fast forward to the last seconds of the game, it’s 4-2 as the clock ticks down: Do you believe in miracles????? The buzzer sounds and we have won the Cold War for the United States. Bye bye Mr. Gorbachev. Wait- I’m sorry I got confused, that is the plot to the movie Miracle detailing the 1980 miracle on ice; An extraordinary event, truly, just not as extraordinary as our weekend.

Saturday, October 15th brought with it the brisk winds of fall, but also the Cardinals of Wesleyan University. Our captains were steadfast in respecting the opponent. This was a NESCAC game and we were to go into the game recognizing that. That being said, it was imperative that we listened to both “Get Low” by Lil’ Jon and “Lip Gloss” by Lil’ Mama. Their size does not reflect the heart that they sing with. As we rallied to those early 2000s battle cries, I’m sure Hannah listened to the terrifying sounds of Yo-Yo Ma to get her amped.  I’ll stop describing pre-game rituals now so as to not give away any secrets. I will give you a hint though: it involves several fun dips and a voodoo doll.

The Ephs took our positions on the field, each individually focusing on staring deeply into the souls of our opponents as if to telepathically communicate: “I respect you, but I will also come after you personally. Afterwards we can be friends because this is a friendly, collegiate, sportsmanlike game meant to benefit our competitive drive. But also I will come after you.”

The game ended handsomely with 3 goals for the Ephs and 0 for the Cardinals. The goals were put in by Sophomores Julia Cochran #3, Meredith Wright #24, Libby Dolan #20. The details of the goals are not important. Nay, the importance of the game lies within the simple things: the foliage lining Williamson field, the little turf beads that sneak into every piece of clothing you own (including ones you never brought near the field), and the earnest cheers of people waiting for the football game to start and don’t super understand the rules of field hockey. These are the tiny intricacies that make a game a great one. And we truly had a great game.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” And Libby Dolan once said, “Do you ever feel like we live in a lava lamp?” I think we can take away a lot from that. Thank you to all the fans and parents, as always your unyielding love is appreciated.

Wesleyan Game Notes: The Ephs took the field hungry for a win, outshooting the Cardinals 17-2. Margaret Draper in the cage only had to make 1 save on the day. #7 Katie Gallop, #20 Libby Dolan , and #24 Meredith Wright lead with 3 shots a piece. In 3-0 win, goals came from #3 Julia Cochran, Wright, and Dolan. Meredith Wright and Katie Gallop each recorded an assist.

Wesleyan Game Highlights

Bowdoin Game Recap Written by Freshman, #34 Abby Lloyd

Williams 2 – Bowdoin 1

There was a moment standing on the sideline, four minutes left in the game, the ball caught on the right side of the field, where I thought to myself “if we can just hold on, if we can just keep it here.” It’s like Al Michaels, screaming into the mic during the 1980 Winter Olympics: “11 seconds, you’ve got 10 seconds, the countdown going on right now!” And the ball is stuck between Bowdoin midfielders and our very own Kit Rosen and Isabel Perry, the clock winding down, and you hear Michaels yell, “Do you believe in Miracles?! YES!” when the refs finally blow their whistles and the Williams team storms the field. Do I believe in miracles? Maybe. But more accurately, I believe in teamwork, relentless hustle, confidence, composure, and having fun— which is exactly what we did last Sunday, defeating Bowdoin College 2-1 for the first time in 10 years.

Coming off of a 3-0 win against Wesleyan just the day before, Sunday morning was full of energy and high expectations for the Ephs. Each of us arrived to the locker room, greeted by loud music, bad dancing, and an electricity among the players that made us know, today was special. We knew Bowdoin was the #2 team in the country. We knew almost no one expected us to win. We knew history was not on our side. And still, each of us knew that today was a great day for a game, and an even better day for an upset. After a pregame talk with our coach, Alix, setting expectations and goals for the game, we took the field for warmups and, soon enough, the first whistle was blown.

It was evident from the start that today’s game was going to be competitive, neither side taking control immediately. The first 15 minutes of the game were evenly matched, Bowdoin receiving a few penalty corners but Williams’ defense, particularly our keeper Margaret Draper, stepped up and didn’t allow anything in. After mostly back-and-forth play, Bowdoin received a penalty stroke in the 28th minute, and converted it to a goal— Bowdoin was up, 1-0. Still, by half time the Ephs weren’t at all dejected and, coming out for the second half, we played stronger and harder than ever.

The motivation to get on the board came to realization after about 10 minutes of midfield play in the second half. In a transition up the field started by junior forward, Kate Pattison, up to senior Rachel Brissette, and back to Pattison in the circle, Kate was able to earn Williams a penalty corner right in front of the Bowdoin goalkeeper’s pads. In a slip right to Kit Rosen, Rachel was able to find the cage on a tip, putting the Ephs on the board, 1-1. Cheering on the sideline and watching the girls on the field celebrate, you could tell that momentum had shifted. We had caught Bowdoin flatfooted, and we would capitalize again, only seven minutes later. Again, working it up the right side of the field, Rachel received a pass from Kit inside the circle and Meredith Wright was able to get a reverse stick touch on the ball to get it past Bowdoin’s keeper. Somehow, against all expectations, we were winning.

The remaining 17 minutes of the game, the Ephs staved off attempts by Bowdoin with great efforts by our defense and our midfielders. While we got a few more shots off ourselves, none of them found the back of the neck. What it came down to, then, was grit. You could feel the energy on the sideline, our teammates outrunning Bowdoin players to the ball, playing tough, physical defense, and refusing to come up for air. Despite being up only one goal, our Williams team looked confident and tough, winning most 50-50 balls and giving up nothing. As time dwindled, all of us on the sideline cheered louder in an effort to give the players on the field the energy they needed to finish it out. It worked.

What our win came down to was capitalizing on the opportunities we were given—finding the back of the cage on our corners and playing relentless offense. The number of girls that came in off the bench, and the support provided by the girls on the sideline made it obvious that this win was a team effort. Rushing on to the field after the buzzer sounded, seeing the red faces of our teammates, anyone could tell this win wasn’t a miracle—it was well deserved, well earned, and certainly not the last of Williams’ upsets.

Bowdoin Game Notes: The #2 Bowdoin Polar Bears outshot and out cornered the #19 Ephs, but resilience paid off as the Ephs walked away with a BIG win! Margaret Draper recorded 13 saves to hold off Bowdoin. #12 Caroline Taverna registered her 3rd defensive save of the year. #13 Rachel Brissette put one on the boards from #24 Meredith Wright off of a perfectly executed corner. Just seven minutes later the duo sealed the game with another, this time Wright from Brissette on a huge breakaway opportunity starting in the back field. This game was a true team effort!

Bowdoin Game Highlights

Field Hockey News:

  • Goalkeeper, #41 Margaret Draper has been named as a Williams College Athlete of the Week by the Williams College Record! Check it out here: Williams College Record Athlete of the Week
  • The Ephs have dropped in the NFHCA Coaches Poll but remain in the rankings at #20
  • In the NESCAC standings, Williams conference record of 5-3 puts them tied for 4th along side Amherst,Bowdoin, and Middlebury.
  • Williams leads the NESCAC with a save percentage of .813 Draper with 80 saves and the team has contributed 7 defensive saves.
  • The Ephs 9-4 hit the road to take on #4 Tufts University on Saturday, October 22nd and will return home on Tuesday, October 25th for their final regular season game against #5 Middlebury College.





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