Today’s Preparation Determines Tomorrow’s Achievement


The team got off to a great start during preseason. With every sprint, scrimmage, and even pool workout, it was exciting to see the team grow stronger both on and off the field. During the first few days, we focused mainly on scrimmaging, conditioning, and individual skills to prepare for our scrimmage at Middlebury on Saturday where we played against both Middlebury and Hamilton. All of the freshmen really stepped up on the field, and it was great to see everyone making fantastic plays all over the field.

To celebrate our shutout against Middlebury (the defending national champions) the team chowed down on some delicious pizzas from American Flatbread in Middlebury. The team took to the pool the next morning for a lighter pool workout, but we definitely ended it with a splash during our cannonball contest.

On Monday, the captains participated in a captain’s training where we learned a lot about our different leadership styles, in addition to how team cohesiveness is a common factor among all successful teams. While the team is comprised of a number of veterans, we have a very strong freshman class and believe that our depth and array of skillsets will set us apart from other teams.

As we head into our first conference game against Trinity, we want to emphasize the importance of resilience. When we step onto the field, everyone is expected to fight until the last second of every game, no matter the score. We hold ourselves to a high standard because we know that our team is capable of being a top team in the NESCAC, and we are very excited to take our team to the next level this season.

Go Ephs!

-Written by EPHS 2016 Captains #7 Katie Gallop, #11 Kit Rosen and #13 Rachel Brissette


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